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Photography has always been in my life in different degrees, sometimes stronger, other times left in a distant compartment of my thoughts… since 1998 it became more preeminent but only took shape as a hobby… back in 2011 after the birth of our son Lucas the desire of doing something more meaningful  in my life consumed a large part of my daily thoughts. Some people call this “mid-life-crisis”… It was very clear to me one night when I came back home from work and I realised that photography was it. Yes, that was my crossroads and that was a place and time of creativity and empowerment, a time to become and a time to dream. Photography was then the “light” at the end of the tunnel… or should I say, at the beginning of a new journey…

The strong wish to help others has always been part of me and I found through photography another way to fullfil this goal. I feel very blessed and very excited to be able to combine photography with such a meaningful project, which will help people in so many different ways.

After a long period of planning, thinking and researching the project took form and shape.


It is possible is an ongoing photographic project dedicated to help people overcome their personal challenges. The aim of this project is to give voice to people so they can tell their story. The shared awareness of those challenges can assist others in many ways such as motivation, as inspiration, as a way of finding mutual support and finally as a way to bring light to subjects that may not be openly discussed on a regular basis. This project exits to transform life-changing stories into new projects, dreams and believes.

Believe that – It is possible. 

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