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I have found that money is not something to get sweaty about. It is simply something to accept, work with, and sometimes move past. People are not money, and the people I work with do not equal dollar signs in my eyes, they are souls and I love them. I have never let money be the thing that stands in the way of working with someone whose story I was meant to tell. That being said, I also keep the lights on, the house from going into foreclosure, and our kids mouth fed because of the sacrifices of people like you and the stories you graciously invite me to tell. This is my living, this is my only job, and in the words of one father of the bride who made major sacrifices to get me to his daughters wedding: we are “worth every single cent.”

People are different, and each story I tell requires something unique of me, whether that is a sixteen hour plane ride across the atlantic or a four hour drive and a one-day sitter. And each person/couple values something different. Some people love albums. Some people could care less about them. Some people need me to shoot for three days straight because it is a culturally rich event, others just need one day of our time. you get the picture… everyone’s different, and I treat no two events the same.

So here’s where the fun continues. You are probably getting used to the “choose your own beloved session” idea. Well, you get to choose your own session here, as well, because each of my packages are custom built by the people who I am meant to work with. This is a relationship, and so I am excited to start the conversation of how that looks for you, and how I might best serve you in the process. so, if you haven’t already, please contact me and tell me a bit of your story. If your budget is set in stone and you have a specific dollar amount in mind, please share it with me so I can do my best to be realistic and accommodate your needs. If it isn’t possible for me, I will be honest up front and send you to someone who will take good care of you. I really look forward to talking with you.





I believe in full day coverage of your wedding. Capturing the moments as they happen, naturally at their own time. There will be no need to rush, just let it be and have fun.

All day coverage starts at $1900; packages from $3500.


Please contact me so I can design your specific package with exactly what you want from your photography.

I like to keep things simple and very flexible. If you want more or different, I have that too.

Most importantly, my photography comes with the guarantee of quality.



Sessions start at $350 at your choice of location within one hour of the Northern Beaches.

Please contact me so we can design your session.


All prices are quoted within the Sydney metro area.

Traveling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember . If you are interested in me shooting your wedding, all you need to do is cover my travel costs and accommodation and check availability.